Cariss Auburn x JanCarlo Caling (2021)

Cariss Auburn is a singer-songwriter based in Wolverhampton. This collaboration was launched to promote Auburn’s latest EP named ‘Refraction’ and to promote my visual aesthetic.  Here you will find five projects (1. GIF’s, 2.Promotional Videos, 3. Sticker Sheet, 4. Spotify Canvases and 5. Video Reel Promotion)

Project 1 : GIFs for instagram stories (via Giphy)

Each GIF represent one song from Auburn’s EP ‘Refraction’.
these are now available on instagram via the GIF widget
click here to access my GIPHY account

Project 2 : Promotional Videos for instagram

This group of videos were posted to announce our collaboration and our instagram giveaway.

Project 3 : Sticker Sheet (instagram giveaway prize)

This sticker sheet is now available to purchase on my Etsy.

Project 4 : Spotify Canvases – Y2K Aesthetic

Auburn expressed that she wanted the canvases to portray a retro-futuristic look, specifically the Y2K aesthetic. I combined 2D and 3D elements whilst employing the conventions maximalist design to achieve this look.

Scan this QR code to view the canvases on Cariss Auburn’s Spotify.

Project 5 : Video Reel to be used as promotion

This video was created to promote the collaboration, this was tested at the Birmingham City University Campus.

this video was shown in various screens around the BCU campus.