JanCarlo Caling (He/Him) Is a digital illustrator, animator and body image activist from Birmingham, UK.

His comprehensive researching skills and passion for the arts, has allowed him to receive a master’s degree in visual communication at Birmingham City University.


Birmingham City University 
Birmingham, UK
MA Visual Communication – 2021 –2022

During his studies in Birmingham, he explored his personal identity, as a queer and Filipino man. This exploration has led to the development of his own distinctive art style. JanCarlo uses his cute and kawaii visual language to reimagine the archaic view of masculinity and attractiveness within the gay community. He accomplishes this by making black/brown chubby men his subject matter. 

Instagram: @jn_crlo


IKON for artists – IKON Gallery, Birmingham

Voyage – Centrespace, Bristol

ARTbound’s ‘Return to Nature’ exhibition – Legacy Art Gallery , Todmorden